About Journals

University of Shabwa Journal is a biannual refereed scientific periodical that publishes specialized research in various fields including scientific, applied and humanities.

As a multidisciplinary periodical, SHU Journal welcomes papers from inside and outside the university, from researchers in Yemen and abroad. Papers submitted for publication are expected to meet the standards of a refereed scientific journal.

Paper’s manuscript submitted to the journal is subject to scrutiny by the managing editor of SHU Journal to see its validity for publication or not, before sending it for peer reviewing. Papers which do to qualify to the standards of the journal might be desk rejected. The accepted papers for reviewing are to be sent to reviewers, whose consents are being sought earlier, to check them against the journal’s publication rules and guidelines and to check their content and validity for publication as well. It will be typically by filling out an attached evaluation form. Then, and according to the referees’ recommendations, the research will be either accepted or rejected. In some cases, amendments will be requested before that paper is accepted for publication. Double-blind peer review process is the policy adopted by the journal.

Generally, the journal is interested in publishing the following:

  • ‌ 1. Scientific research that presents a valuable contribution to knowledge.
  • 2. Review articles that include a critical view of previously conducted research in a specific field or during a specific period of time.
  • 3. Short research papers
  • 4. Book reviews
  • 5. Master's and Ph.D. Abstracts
  • 6. Translation (such as short literary works and scientific research translated from and into Arabic).


SHU Journal aims to become a leading and classified journal that adheres to scientific publishing standards as well as Arab and international databases in the research it publishes in the fields of humanities and applied sciences.


To publish refereed scientific works in accordance with international publishing standards in the humanities and applied sciences.