SHU Journal welcomes the publication of new, distinguished and innovative research. Research papers are accepted in both Arabic and English,

provided that they adhere to the following standards:

  • ‌ 1. Papers submitted to the journal must be original and has not been previously submitted for publication in any scientific journal or published in a conference or any other publication platform.
  • 2. The journal accepts innovative scientific research in both Arabic and English.
  • 3. Papers submitted to the journal are subject to refereeing to determine its eligibility for publication.
  • 4. In case of rejecting a paper, neither the journal gives the reasons for this rejection, nor does it return the paper to its author(s).
  • 5. Paper Manuscripts should be submitted in the form of an electronic file in MS Word format, and on Latex and Word programs for scientific disciplines such as mathematics, computer, engineering, and other similar fields. Number of pages should not exceed 35 pages, including maps and illustrations.
  • 6. Papers shall be submitted in an electronic format, as indicated above, provided that the research, its title and its abstract are in one file, and the research title, the name of the researcher and his information are in another file.
  • 7. Researcher shall attach an abstract in both Arabic and English of his/her research, not exceeding one page of (200) words, this abstract should be annexed with no more than five keywords, highlighting the most important notions that the research tackles. The first page of the research should contain the title of the research, the name of the researcher, the university or academic institution, the address, e-mail, WhatsApp and telephone numbers.
  • 8. Images, illustrations and tables should be of high quality and commensurate with the size and dimensions of the standard page as shown in Clause 9 below.
  • 9. Paper manuscript should be submitted on A4 papers with 3 cm margins on all sides. The font type should be Simplified Arabic for Arabic researches with font size 14, and the font type Times New Roman of size 12 should be used for English papers.
  • 10. Footnotes shall be at the bottom of each page; as follows:
  • • The footnote number is placed in the text after the information that the researcher wants to refer the reader to its footnote.
  • • Footnote numbers are written in the text at the top of the line.
  • • Footnotes are serially numbered from the beginning of the research to the end.
  • 11. References documentation in the text is (name, date, page number) system; as follows:
  • • If the reference is for a single author, the author's last name is cited followed by the year of publication, then the page number; for example: (Al-Saadi, 2023, p. 31). If the work has two authors, the last name of both is mentioned; for example: (Al-Mahmoud and Abdelnour, 2022, p.15), if the work has more than two authors, then the last name of the first author is cited only followed by et al. such as: (Al-Baalbaki et al., 1998, P. 16-19).
  • 12. Reference list: The journal follows the order of references according to the American Psychological Association (APA) guide, and this includes Arabic and foreign references.
  • 13. Tables and figures are serially numbered throughout the text, and each has its title above, and its source below.
  • 14. The researcher is asked to show his manuscript to a proof reader in the language in which it was written to ensure its language accuracy.
  • 15. The researcher is not required to pay any fees for publication or refereeing.
  • 16. The copyright of materials published in the journal is automatically transferred to the SHU Journal.
  • 17. Published materials do not reflect the view of the journal.
  • 18. The researcher is given a hard copy in the event that the journal is issued in hard copy.
  • 19. The researcher submits a written acknowledgment that his/her research has not been published before.